TV Host Emma Kearney Blabs About Bedding James Blunt

Emma Kearney, who host’s Five’s ‘Nice House, Shame About The Garden’ spoke with News of the World about bedding after meeting at a party. “He’s really great in bed and there was loads of cuddling, stroking and licking to get us going,” Kearney revealed. “James’s lips were absolutely everywhere and as I looked down there were those big blue eyes of his gazing up at me. Wow! I couldn’t help but return the favour and he loved every minute. We went at it for almost an hour —every position you can think of. James loved me holding on to his hair as we got more excited. He sings such sad songs but in bed he was really lively. And what an imagination! As he hit the peak of his excitement James sang out my name ‘Emma! Emma!’ Twice he did it—and so loud I was frightened he’d wake the neighbors.”

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