Tybee Island Too Hot For Miley Cyrus

Tybee Island too hot for Miley Cyrus

talked about the hot weather on Tybee Island on Wednesday (August 5) as she continued filming ‘The Last Song’. The 16-year-old writes on her Twitter:

You are my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love you.

Come on GOD flip on the A/C out here on Tybee. It’s WAY too hot.

It was also too hot for Mark McLeod on Tybee, with police arresting the stalker for again getting too close to the ‘Hannah Montana’ star on Tuesday and issuing a search warrant on his home this morning. TMZ reports that the 53-year-old’s residence was searched and police found “thousands of pictures and letters to Miley on his computer.”

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2 thoughts on “Tybee Island Too Hot For Miley Cyrus

  1. sam says:

    Well I for one am happy as can be that this stalker-creep-wannabe-ugly-to old for words. is arrested why can’t he get it she’s to young 16 compared to 53 I mean come on

  2. lindsy says:

    I’m excited that Miley was here. I’m not one of those crazy obsessed fans, but it’s really cool that Miley was at Tybee Island. I’ve been here and it’s amazing that she traveled that far from California!

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