Tyler Hilton Celebrates Christmas In LA

checked in with fans on his official web site blog on Tuesday (January 5), talking about how he celebrated Christmas and visiting Canada to celebrate the new year, where he had a chance to ride with Ron from the Ontario Provincial Police on patrol for a day. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Sitting here in 36C. Aisle seat. Got the drink cart blocking me in. I think they’ve decided to sell turkey wraps to the whole plane while leaving the cart right next to me. Ah well…good a time as any for a blog., right?

Where did I leave you off? I think I need to back up all the way to Christmas. This year my sister and I begged my mom and dad to drive to us (as opposed to making us travel…like we do every year) and have Christmas at my snug little condo in LA. There were the expected grumbles, but it worked! A set of Grandparents even drove up as well! Britt and I were stoked and organized a Christmas Eve dinner (she even sent out an email designating who should bring what) and I invited all family who were in town with no other plans to join. No travel: awesome. Hosting Christmas: way more work then I thought. But! It turned out to be so much fun! Cramped spaces can make things pretty chaotic. I think it adds to the vibe. Like seeing a band in a crowded club? Fun.

The entire blog at tylerhilton.com has since been removed.

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