Tyler Hilton Checks In After Brief Vacation In Canada

checked in with fans on his official web site’s blog on Monday (June 28) after enjoying a few days off. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I am so excited this plane I’m on has TVs in the backs of the seats. Really, greatest invention ever. I’m headed to Chicago and then off to Boston for a couple acoustic gigs. I just got home from taking a few days off in Canada and man I feel refreshed!. Boy howdy…days off are kind of the best. Ever look around for something to work on and realize there’s just nothing to do really? That its time to “don’t do” for a second? Yea..that was me. Sometimes I have to force a vacation on myself. You know?

Tyler’s list of things he found he loved about not working, worrying, or doing in Canada at tylerhilton.com has since been removed.

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