Tyler Hilton & Kieren Hutchison Cook Kiwi Burgers

Tyler Hilton and his 'One Tree Hill' pal Kieren Hutchison cook up some Kiwi burgersThe latest video from comes straight from the singer songwriter’s kitchen. Tyler and Kieren Hutchison (from ‘One Tree Hill’) show you how to prepare a delicious late summer dish called a “Kiwi Burger”. New Zealand native Hutchison picked the traditional dish, showing Tyler how to prep the burgers before they hit the grill. Once the burgers were done, they were topped with eggs and beets.

“I wanted to start this show and do something cool because it’s the end of summer. It’s probably our last chance to really barbeque, and I don’t really cook that well so I invited my friend Kieren Hutchison over, who I met on ‘One Tree Hill’ a while ago. Today, he’s going to be cooking up something really cool to barbeque.”

Before working with raw meat, Tyler said, “I’ve seen on some business office’s desks some people have these silver balls and they’ll turn them in their hand to relieve stress. This is a much better way to relieve stress. What I’ve done is I’ve washed my hands before we started filming, and I get to be the guy who puts my fingers in here to relieve stress.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

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