Tyler Hilton Performs ‘Thursday Afternoon In The Elevator’

Tyler Hilton posts a video message from an elevator, a good spot for the singer songwriter to perform 'Thursday Afternoon In The Elevator' checked in with fans in an elevator, promoting his new film ‘Charlie Bartlett’ and then performing ‘Thursday Afternoon In The Elevator’ while introducing himself to others riding the elevator.

“I’ve got a movie coming out, February 22nd called ‘Charlie Barlett’, and if you guys make your own Uber page, you get a chance to fly out to Nashville where I live and I’ll take you to go see the movie,” Hilton said in the video. “Thank you guys for coming, the page just got started and I want to start off with this video I call ‘Thursday Afternoon in the Elevator’, it’s a song that’s gonna be on my record.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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