Tyler Hilton’s Record Has Started To Be Mixed

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Thursday (January 15) as the singer songwriter began mixing his third album. Hilton tells readers:

There are those days you see coming early in the week, early in a good week (a good busy week) where you just know you’re gonna cancel everything possible and clean to music. Maybe it’s a weekend. Maybe you’re self employed and decide it’s a (what’s today? oh yea…) Thursday and it’s been long enough. I’ve got Josh Rouse’s “Nashville” record blasting. Got his song “It’s The Nightime” on repeat. I’ll get tired of it in a bit and put Nickel Creek back on. Cleaning tunes…ah… Things are good. Things are changing and turning into something complete and finished. The record has started to be mixed. What that means is the tracks that I’ve recorded have been taken to the mixer and they’re changed from a demo sounding group of songs to a real record. It’s the first time I can really see this project finished. Only two songs have been completed, “Overnight” and “Somehow” but, phew, it makes me feel like I haven’t been a liar this whole time. I keep playing them for my band and friends as proof I haven’t been full of bs for the last few years. I’m putting out a record. And it’s coming out soon. And it’s gonna be good. I’m serious. I’m not even being cocky. It’s been loved and pampered for far too long and it’s showing signs of being ready for you.

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