Tyra Banks To Produce Teen Talk Show Hosted By Miley Cyrus?

Star magazine reports met with Tyra Banks during a trip to Nashville, Tennessee in May, where the ‘Hannah Montana’ star discussed plans to host a younger version of Tyra’s daytime talk show. “Tyra wants to produce a show for Miley,” a source told the tabloid. “Miley already has a huge following among teen girls, so her show would likely be successful. Tyra sees Miley’s potential.”

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6 thoughts on “Tyra Banks To Produce Teen Talk Show Hosted By Miley Cyrus?

  1. cao says:

    I think this a great idea. Teens need shows they can relate to, and explore issues teens find interesting and important. Miley will bring in the viewers.

  2. Adii3 says:

    I think its a good idea. I hope there will be fresh new topics & not biting off of Tyra’s show topics.

  3. Trina Brown says:

    Miley cannot in no way form or fashion relate to black teens and Tyra is a black woman, try getting Raven or another teen that can relate to teen issues in total.

  4. Gracie J says:

    @Trina Brown: This is not just for Black teens fyi.. that was kinda racist. lol! And Tyra’s show is not only for black women either. I think this is a great idea.
    I can’t wait to see it if it works out! :D

  5. ateen says:

    I like what all you ladies and or other has to say about this idea, but for a while Miley has been making some bad decisions in her career, and although she probably has issues and wants to relate to her fans, there is many that does not adore her like the little kids do. I believe there should be a different person or actress to do this besides Miley. For Miley to be able to do this she has to get clean and get her acts straight. So yeah this is my opinion.

  6. Jully says:

    at one point I looked up to Miley, but as I grew other things influenced me,i think Miley is very talented and I think its a great idea, she’s not perfect, she makes mistakes, she has low times. at the one point when I did look up to her she helped me a lot in ways cause I one day went to sing in front of a crowd, I may not me as good as Miley and may not get as much luck as she got but she helped me to see things are possible.

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