Uh Huh Her “Are Still In The Haze Of Song Writing”

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@uhhuhhermusic) on Tuesday (May 26), talking about progress on a follow-up to their debut album ‘Common Reaction’. The indie pop duo write:

Hello everyone….we are in our studio and thought we’d give you an update in the world of UHH. We finally got the limited edition “Common Reaction” white vinyl in our hands and we plan to have those up for sale in our store within the next couple of weeks. They look amazing and I spun one in my house the other day and it sounded perfect. We are still in the haze of song writing. Songs come, songs get thrown out, songs get re-worked. This is the process and we love it here. I promise we won’t stay here forever even though we could. How about instead of us touring a new record, you come here one by one and we’ll play you our new songs. We can order in whatever you’d like and either play them live or we could jump in one of our cars and crank the speakers under the stars. I like it. Cam makes a great homemade trail/nut mix. In fact she just handed me some and it’s really off the hook, I’m not kidding. She says instead of going nuts she just mixes them. If you live in Portland or Seattle them you’ll be seeing us soon. Also I think we are going to attempt to Twitter again. I can’t promise much but we’ll give it a try. We hope you’re all having a beautiful summer so far. xo, UHH

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