UK BBC 2’s New Program: The Essential Michael Jackson

Contributed by sk8erboi: A posting on has brought attention to information released by BBC 2 about a new documentary on named, “The Essential Michael Jackson”.

Here is the information from the BBC 2 website:

A profile of musical legend Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop who began his career at the tender age of four as lead singer with the Jackson 5 and went on to release the best-selling album of all time in 1982 – ‘Thriller’. However, his phenomenal success as an artist has masked a troubled and controversial private life, and his erratic behavior has often been the subject of lurid tabloid speculation.

This documentary is being released on the 15 of the September, very close to the controversial Channel 5 documentary, “Michael Jackson’s Face”. Hopefully this documentary will contradict the information that Channel 5 give about Michael Jackson. One issue which we can all hope will be brought up, is Michael’s skin condition. Channel 5’s documentary includes an image of Michael Jackson if he had not had any plastic surgery. The image assumes that Michael Jackson’s skin color is a result of cosmetic surgery, as he is very dark-skinned in the image. (See the image at MJ News)

Wesley Snipes On Michael Jackson’s Racism Charge

9, 2002 – Wesley Snipes met with Village Voice writer Michael Musto at Noche recently where he quizzed Snipes about Michael’s claim that his record wasn’t promoted enough because he’s black. Snipes said, “And that wasn’t a joke? And everyone didn’t break out laughing? Maybe he’s on such a different level now that he knows things we don’t know and sees things we don’t see. Maybe he has to go in the back door of hotels and we don’t even know about it!” He broke down into bust-out hysterics afterwards. Read more.

Michael Jackson Takes In Siegfried & Roy Show Again

9, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Michael and family were spotted back at Siegfried & Roy’s show on Saturday, making it the third time in less than a month they’ve taken in the magic show.

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One thought on “UK BBC 2’s New Program: The Essential Michael Jackson

  1. Jerseline says:

    the picture looks a lot like Berry Gordy, the father figure for early Michael at Motown.

    It’s an odd picture, even more so than his current features as a victim of his skin ailment

    I wonder of either of these shows will be brought to the states

    I’m curious but do not support their false claims

    Michael rules! and it was a year ago today on 9/10/ that I saw MJ at his concert in NYC, a day before the worst day in history

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