Una Healy Is Serious About The Saturdays

Una Healy of The Saturdays

News of the World profiled the members of , including Una Healy, who talked about being fiercely passionate when it comes to the British girl group’s future. “This is what I’ve wanted since I was a kid,” she explained. “It’s a tough business. When I couldn’t make it before, I tried to train as a nurse and I was so miserable that I just had to go back to singing. I want this so much. I want to break Europe and America. If we weren’t serious about the band, we wouldn’t have gone through the real pain of getting rid of our manager, but it was something we had to do to get things right.”

The stories from Una and her bandmates Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White, Mollie King, and Rochelle Wiseman at newsoftheworld.co.uk have since been removed.

Update: Una isn’t happy about the “get rid of our manager” quote in reference to Jayne Collins, telling her Twitter followers (@unahealy) moments ago:

I am very upset at being misquoted and fed up of journalists doing it to us, i NEVER used the words “get rid” that is disgusting!!!!

We are all very grateful for everything Jayne did for us and she knows this too, so please don’t believe all you read its not true x

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