Uncensored *NSYNC Pictures

Mwahz.com has several candid shots of Freddy Hernandez and his photos of himself with the guys from *NSYNC. Included in the shots are Joey Fatone making an obscene gesture, Lance Bass posing with Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre, Lance in bed with another man, Lance loading up on booze at the checkout counter of a liquor store, Lance behind a bar counter with a busty blonde, and Justin Timberlake flipping off the camera. The images have since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Uncensored *NSYNC Pictures

  1. ghb says:

    LOL, that’s it, a bunch of pictures of the guys wasted on alcohol…not a surprise. BTW that Lance in bed pic is boring, he’s half off the bed, chilling with his drink, big deal. I was hoping for something interesting

  2. lil_moe says:

    dude…who are you? who is this Hernandez guy? How’d these pic’s get on the net? do you hate *NSYNC? why isn’t the second page showing up well….it stops with 25 to go…? PLEASE let me know…i think these pic’s are so much fun…but i wish there were more of JC…so far I’ve only seen one!

  3. EndIsNear says:

    Oh My!

    They’re human after all.

    I don’t think Lance will be happy of this, I think that this guy has some problems with the guys, this seems like a revenge.

    The important thing is why there were Marc Anthony and Kelly of DC with him, maybe they were his past lovers.

  4. psychomatic says:

    Wait… wait! First you go on to interrogate the guy about the pics and whether or not he hates Nsync. And then you comment on liking the pics? Chill the freak out! The pic are there, so get over it.

  5. kissforlance says:

    So let us know on your site if Lance or anyone puts any pressure on you. This will prove to be very interesting. Especially since the Freddy site is not accessible anymore. HMMMM!!! Wonder why? All those comments about Lance being so busy. Seems like he has too much time on his hands to me!

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