Uncle Pleads With Boozing Christina Aguilera To Get Help

Star magazine spoke with Christina Aguliera’s loving uncle Johann Aguilera who made a plea for the singer to stop her hard partying and get help to sober up before it is too late. “I’m afraid for her,” he admits. “This is my lovely little niece, who was a caring, good girl. But she’s acting crazy.” The plea comes on the heals of Aguilera virtually passing out in public after leaving the Whiskey Bar and her 10am beer guzzling incident in the Bahamas. A source told the tabloid, “Christina appears not to have a handle on her drinking. I’ve watched her, and one night she didn’t just have one or two to ‘put you in the mood.’ She kept downing one after another, like the only way to have fun is to get plastered. And she didn’t seem to care she was doing it in public.”

Christina’s Ecuadorian family also voiced their displeasure over the singer’s new album ‘Beautiful’, in which she sings about her father Fausto abusing her mother Shelly Kearns. One family source said, “The picture Christina paints is just not true. They might have had quarrels, but Shelly is a difficult woman. She’s manipulative and she’s told these stories for so long, everybody thinks Christina’s dad really was a bad man. But if Fausto had stayed in that marriage, she wouldn’t be having these troubles now.”

Another family source added, “Fausto wanted his daughter to have a normal childhood. Shelly wanted her to be a performer. She’s a stage mother, and he didn’t like his wife being so pushy.”

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2 thoughts on “Uncle Pleads With Boozing Christina Aguilera To Get Help

  1. Eduardo Enrique farra says:

    i remember fausto Aguilera since i was a kid, i used to play everyday with brother Johann at his house or mine, we were neighbors in guayaquil, Ecuador and i am horrorize to read such a lies from Christina, what i remember from Fausto is very nice memories of a well formed gentleman, there parents Captain. Fausto Aguilera and wife were an example of what parents should be, i used to admired that family and the oldest son was fausto, a true gentleman and kind man u get to know with a great patience to explain us when we were kids and we could not understand then, The Aguilera family still have my respects wherever they are.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Aguilera’s were a world to me , how Johann and i did real crazy kids stuff.

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