Avril Lavigne’s ‘Under My Skin’ Is Manufactured Punk

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With her 2002 debut album, ‘Let Go’, singer set herself as the “Anti-Britney” of her generation, posing as a songwriter/musician – the truth: she does not play the guitar, nor did she write the album entirely (she had more than enough help writing her first music effort with the help of skilled music producers and writers – the Matrix). Despite the false image this teen rocker set for her teen audience, the genuine message empowered young girls (considering the album sold five million records). The ingredients that made the pop icon she is today have worked in Avril’s favor – she knows what to present herself to be against. With the help of talented writers and musicians that can actually play the drums and the guitar, Avril successfully makes a new record that will do well in pop mainstream. The effort disguised as a punk record is nothing more than manufactured punk, which is a million times worse than manufactured pop.

Two years later, the Canadian pop star tries the same formula with an anthem for the practice of abstinence, ‘Don’t Tell Me’, the new single from Lavigne’s new album ‘Under My Skin’. In spite of the positive message, this track compares nothing to 2002’s catchy debut single ‘Complicated’, which topped the charts worldwide around the time of its release.

The album itself expresses heartfelt cliche lyrics on not-so-touchy, very general topics. The highlights on this record include ‘How Does it Feel?’, ‘My Happy Ending’, and ‘Forgotten’ – and it’s not because of her ‘songwriting.’ Lavigne slides through this record on the music itself, the catchy beats, and her strong vocals. But she fails to say anything we haven’t already heard.

‘Under My Skin’ could’ve been unreleased songs from ‘Let Go’ for all we know – the album could’ve been titled ‘Let Go Pt 2.’ The album shows no growth for Avril as an artist. But of course, nobody can deny her raw talent.

‘Under My Skin’ Owning Up the Charts

May 30, 2004 – Avril Lavigne’s ‘Under My Skin’ is doing absolutely amazing on the charts. According to AvrilBandaids.com, it is #1 in Japan for a second week in a row and also made #1 in Australia, Ireland, and the UK. Furthermore, it’s been projected that ‘Under My Skin’ will be #1 in its first week out in the US, Canada, and in a number of other countries. In fact, some projections for sales of the CD say that it will sell over 400,000 copies in the US in its first week.

Watch Perform On ‘TRL’

May 30, 2004 – MTV.com has added Avril’s performance of ‘Don’t Tell Me’ on ‘Total Request Live’ last Tuesday (May 25) just before she was reportedly asked not to perform a second song after flipping off the MTV cameras on live TV. Lavigne was on her best behavior for the FCC fearing Viacom owned network by omitting “pants” from the song’s “get you in my pants” actual lyrics, but was goaded by host Damien Fahey to deliver a message for her detractors.

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