Universal Chairman Comments On Mariah Carey & Robbie Williams

The Guardian spoke with Universal chairman Lucian Grainge who addressed how competing label EMI handled the Mariah Carey contract that blew up in their faces. Grainge said, “My opinion is that you need record guys running record companies. They understand the music and the deal and the artist, and they do it week in, week out.” As for another EMI artist who’s mulling his future with the troubled label, Robbie Williams, he said, “It’s no secret that I’d love to sign him. And if he does, I’ll break him in America.” Read more.

Robbie Williams Still Pondering EMI Deal

April 27, 2002 – The Herald Sun reports Robbie Williams still hasn’t signed on to a reported $120 million with EMI which has the label worried he might move on. Industry experts say he is stalling because he wants a record company that will help him crack the US market.

Robbie Williams Can’t Explain His Failure To Break In America

April 22, 2002 – In an interview on BBC America’s Parkinson over the weekend, Robbie Williams was asked why he hasn’t been able to bring his international success to the American music audience. Robbie said jokingly, “They just don’t get it. But actually, I could blame it on a really crap record company, or I could blame it on the fact that every time I’ve been over there, I’ve been drunk.”

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One thought on “Universal Chairman Comments On Mariah Carey & Robbie Williams

  1. Syndney says:

    Actually sometimes the US market limits the music we get in the states. For example, I heard about Craig David 3 years ago in Europe before the states gave him a chance. Robbie Williams being from Europe should not make a difference. If the music is good it will carry it over to the US market. JMO.

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