Unsigned Scottish Singer Claims Sandi Thom Stole His Story

Stereoboard is reporting on more allegations that Sandi Thom, and her PR company Quite Great, actually stole parts of her story, the meaty background before the webcasts, from David Lockhart, another struggling unsigned singer-songwriter who also hails from Scotland. “I already sang into my computer and put it out to the world via the Internet long before stole my story,” he said. “She is not the new idea everyone thinks she is. I even have proof that her record label read my story throughout their company and I also have one high profile person in particular actually replying to my story and how much it was liked early last year, and all this before Sandi Thom was even heard of with her so called unique story in 2006. I told SonyBMG early last year that my story had started to get phone calls and e-mails from well known British newspapers, as well as mainstream media interest. SonyBMG knew that my story was already starting to create a buzz among the press because I told them about it. They also knew I never even had a single released, no record label and no music publisher behind me either, which made it even more intriguing to the power of my story. That’s how powerful my story was.” Read more.

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