Update On The ‘Blonde Bombshells’

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Not only did 1999 give us four major Latin pop stars, but it also was the debut of some of today’s most highly successful young female pop stars known in 99’ as the blonde bombshells. In six years a lot has changed for them they’ve gone from singing about “Candy”, to talking about being “Not A Girl, But Not Yet A Woman”, they’ve gotten “Dirrty”, and sung to us about “Angels”, while being “Beautiful” all the way, they keep the hits coming and keep their fans entertained.

First to debut in 99” was Britney Jean Spears – 23

Britney, who was in MMC club at age 11, had her first hit with …Baby one more time, which was a #1 hit of three weeks straight, released her first album in February of 99’, and by the end of the month it was double platinum. Her second CD was an amazing success debuting at #1, and selling 1.3 million copies its first week, the first single, Oops I did it again, from that album broke records for most radio adds in it’s first week with 155. In 2000 a Britney museum was opened in her hometown of Kentwood. Her third CD, Britney, debuted at #1 as well selling 740,000 it’s first week, In a performance for her hit single, “I’m a slave for you” from that album, at the MTV VMA’s Britney was attacked by PETA, for her use of animals. She’s starred in her own movie, which opened at #2 with 12 million, and eventually grossed over 30 million including DVD sales. In 2001 she co-opened a restaurant in New York named Nyla, though it closed 8 months later after filing bankruptcy, after the terrorist attacks Britney joined together with other artists for the re-make of the hit single “What’s Going On”. Her fourth record, In the Zone, also debuted at #1, making her the first female artist to have her first four albums debut at #1, selling 609,000 it’s first week. Spears, who was married in early 04’ for 55 hours to childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander, and then again in late 04’ to back-up dancer Kevin Federline (who’s baby is pregnant with), has sold over 70 million albums has had a #1 fragrance that has just been released worldwide, she’s had 4 #1 hits, 8 Top 5 hits, 11 Top 10 hits, and 17 Top 40 hits, and in total she’s spent 10 weeks at #1, she’s won 1 Blockbuster award, 1 My Vh1 award, 1 Much Music award, 5 MTV Europe Music awards, 2 Kid’s Choice, 5 Teen Choice, 1 World Music award, 3 Razzie awards. She has a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, was voted #8 of the 100 sexiest artists, and #26 of the Top Pop start of the last 25 years. Spears is currently working on a movie, In The Pink starring Tim Allen, Cher, and Bette Midler, which will be out later this year, and a new album titled “Mona Lisa” which will drop 03/07/2006.

Next up that year was Christina Maria Aguilera – 24

Christina, after having been apart of MMC at age 12, toured Japan at 14 with Keizo Nakanishi performing their hit “All I Wanna Do”, had her first Top 20 hit with “Reflection”, Her first album debuted at #1 beating out rapper Puff Daddy selling 250,000 copies in it’s first weekend was #1 for 2 weeks. A few months later she won her first Grammy (beating out Kid Rock, Macy Gray, and Britney Spears) with only 2 singles out (both hit #1), and only 5 million albums sold, In her speech she said “I really want to try and take pop a little deeper than it is now. I want to show people other areas of myself they might not be familiar with, and I want to be seen as a vocalist”, within a year that album had sold over 10 million copies. Her Spanish album Mi Reflejo topped the Billboard Top 50 Latin Albums charts for 19 weeks. Her sophomore CD “Stripped” debuted in October of 2002 and sold 330,000 in it’s first week, and hit double platinum in less than 2 months, her stripped tour was named by Rolling Stone readers as the best tour of 03’, and she was named best performer. She’s been the spokes woman for Coca-Cola, Versace, Skechers, Fetish Cosmetics, M.A.C, the Declare Yourself campaign, and Mercedes Benz. Has a fragrance, Xpose, which is available exclusively in select European countries. She’s toured with TLC, Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake, and the Backstreet Boys. She’s been called one of the most prominent voices of her generation. She’s released 2 #1 DVDs, and one Top 5 DVD, which made it to #3. Aguilera, who is also interest in acting (she’s been offered many roles she’s declined the offer cause she doesn’t want to play herself or a singer, she’s interested in roles such as the ones Angelina Jolie plays) has sold over 40 million records, and has won 3 Grammys, 1 Latin Grammy, 1 Billboard award, 2 Billboard Latin awards, 2 MTV VMAs, 1 MTV Europe Music award, 4 Blockbuster music awards, 1 Teen Choice, 2 My Vh1 awards, 1 Glaad special honor award, 2 World Music awards, and was named in 2004 as Glamour Magazine’s woman of the year. Aguilera is currently working on 2 albums, an English album (which she says will have a jazzy, bluesy old school feel to it), and a Spanish album. Aguilera has charted 7 #1 hits, 10 Top 5 hits, 10 Top 10 hits, and 13 Top 40 Hits, and in total she’s spent 22 weeks at #1, she was voted #62 on the sexiest 100 artist list, and #33 on the Top Pop of the last 25 years list, and in 01’ she was apart of the “What’s Going On”, and “El Ultimo Adios” tribute songs.

Jessica Simpson – 24

Started her career as a gospel singer performing with artists such as CeeCee Winans, and Kirk Franklin, had she not froze in the last phase of the audition process she could’ve been apart of MMC with Britney and Christina. She met with and signed with Tommy Mottola while she was still in High School, and had her first hit with “I Wanna Love You Forever”, which topped Billboard Singles chart of 6 weeks, and went platinum in under a month. In 99” she was opening act for Ricky Martin. A review of her first album by CD Now said “Simpson is the typical Top 40 mix of breathy wonder and moments of chest thumping sincerity, but Simpson seems to mean it more than Britney Spears, who never seems to mean anything”. Jessica who has a hit MTV Show in it’s final season, has also guest starred on several episodes of “That 70’S show”, has a seasonal variety show deal with ABC, and appeared on Vh1 Diva’s Live. She’s had 2 #1 hits, 4 top 10 hits, 1 Top 20, and 2 Top 40 hits, she owns her own Dessert Beauty Line, a Fashion Line, and will be starring in Dukes of Hazard which opens up this June. She was #87 on the Top Pop of the last 25 years list, and has sold over 7 million albums.

Mandy Moore (Amanda Leigh Moore) –21

Mandy just celebrated her 21st birthday Sunday April 10th. Mandy had her first hit with “Candy”, her first album went platinum in just under 3 moths. She’s been in 10 films 2 of which will be out later this year. She’s had 2 Top 10 hits, 2 Top 20 hits, and 3 Top 40 hits; She’s sold over 3 million albums worldwide. She has won 1 Mtv movie award, and 2 Teen Choice awards.

I guess there’s something to be said for blonde ambition.

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