Upon Further Review Regarding Lindsay Lohan MySpace

Now that many news outlets are reporting on exposing former bodyguard Lee Weaver’s phone number on her Myspace, it appears to me that in fact the site was put together by a very clever imposter. First off, the Lee Weaver phone number is posted on his official web site, available to anyone. My previous explanation relied heavily on the real MySpace accounts from designer Marc Jacobs’ boyfriend Jason Preston (who she ironically was photographed with when Lindsay’s previous alleged Myspace was hacked in April – emphasis on alleged), top friend Slick Rubin, and designer Jeremy Scott, as well as friends of Lohan theft accuser Lauren Hastings.

But now I believe they were conned as well. Besides the oddity of posting the Bryan Adams photoshoot pictures, the imposter was removing comments which questioned his/her authenticity. Why remove posts questioning if you’re for real unless you have something to hide? An earlier removed blog suggested her mother was visiting her more than a week before she actually did. Finally, while Lohan’s choice in account images my be forced by her being in rehab and not having a digital camera at a location with privacy demands, some of the photos she uploaded, most taken from the News of the World set, seem to be an odd selection.

Update: just removed the imposter as a friend and may make a mention of it. Stay tuned.

Lindsay Lohan Planning Birthday Bash

Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Thursday night, “Lindsay Lohan is still in rehab. She’s planning her birthday party while she’s in there. She planning a big bash in a night club in Las Vegas. What a way to celebrate your sobriety. How many ‘re’s’ can you put in front of rehab?”

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