Uri Geller & Michael Jackson Bid To Stem The Economic Crisis?

The Sun reports Uri Geller is hoping to turn around the global economic crisis by teaming up with his old pal to record an uplifting subliminal message on selected singles, including ‘X Factor’ winner Alexandra Burke’s new release ‘Hallelujah’. But given Geller’s admission that he hasn’t spoke to Jackson since teaming him up with Martin Bashir in the infamous ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ interview, the item doesn’t seem likely unless they’ve since made up.

“Uri is convinced the power of positive thought can lift us out of economic gloom,” an industry mole supposedly said. “Him and Jacko recorded a spoken-word message and want to put it behind the track so it can penetrate people’s subconscious.” But Geller’s hopes to get the message on ‘Hallelujah’ were dashed after being politely declined.

Interestingly, thesun.co.uk has since removed the article, adding fuel to the belief the story wasn’t true.

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