Vanessa Carlton Feels Like Avril Lavigne’s Older Sister

Vanessa Carlton told about the first time she met Avril Lavigne. “She’s so adorable. I remember, she came fresh in from Canada. And she’s just like this wide-eyed girl, she had cornrows,” Carlton says. “She’s very sweet and, you know, I told (her), ‘Call me if she had any questions,’ you know? I just feel like kind of her older sister or something.”

Vanessa Carlton Sleeping 14 Hours A Day

August 7, 2002 – Vanessa Carlton left a message for fans on Monday from Kansas City where she’s continuing her tour with the Goo Goo Dolls. Vanessa writes, “It’s hot as hell here! My God, the beads of sweat. So far, the tour has been very cool. The Goos are really sweet guys. I’m the only chick for miles around which can be difficult at times, but hell, this is the ultimate summer job. FYI, I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. Seriously, I might have a disorder. 14hrs. a night! Kisses to all my new and old fans in the States and around the world. I promise to play for all of you before I die. If you guys can’t make it to the Goo tour…. don’t fret, I’m headlining in fall. Get ready my sweet peeps!”

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One thought on “Vanessa Carlton Feels Like Avril Lavigne’s Older Sister

  1. Smile says:

    I feel sorry for Vanessa because she doesn’t know what a fake Avril is. Avril started out singing country western and when that didn’t work out, she all of a sudden became a ‘skater chick’. She thinks she doesn’t sing pop music, but everyone knows she does. Her style of music is no different that Britney’s, BSB’s, Jessica Simpson or anyone other pop singer out there.

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