Vanessa Carlton Frustrated With Image Driven Music Industry chatted with Vanessa Carlton in a Q&A. They asked the singer about defining her own style, parts of her album she’s most proud of, how she compares to other artists, how the industry has hardened her, songwriting based on personal experiences, what drives her and her feelings on the music industry being image. “It’s frustrating because, I think there has even become this singer/songwriter image,” Carlton said of the latter topic. “It’s become the ‘new’ thing to be. I think that the purest thing you can do is write your own music and come out and play it for people. Music will always be image driven because of videos. Fans want to connect with an artist on more than just a listening level.” Read more.

Vanessa Carlton Makes Up For AJ Disappointment

November 15, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously: Myke here again! Alright, so on Wednesday night, Vanessa had a concert at a night club/bar and I went! Her opening act, Ben Lee, sucked- but she rocked!!! Her voice is much stronger live than on her recordings or her TV show performances I’ve seen! Amazing! When it was done I tried to meet her, so I talked with the drummer and eventually met her. She’s so much hotter in person and is incredibly nice! She took 2 pictures with me – 1 where we made funny faces – and signed my import CD of her. Too bad the import CD I got for AJ to sign is still not signed, but whatever. Vanessa made up for AJ. I like her much much more than BSB now, though. Not because of that, but because her music is amazing! is still the best singer, though.

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