Vanessa Carlton Gets ‘Boned’ By Stephen Jenkins

The New York Post reports was spotted locking lips with Third Eye Blind frontman Stephen Jenkins the other night at 60 Thompson. Jenkins apparently landed Vanessa by getting her one of J.T. Leroy’s raccoon penis bone amulets as a gift. Should make for a spicy remainder of Vanessa’s tour with 3EB and the Goo Goo Dolls.

Writing Songs & Heading To Australia

August 20, 2002 – checked in with her Nessaholics Tuesday on her official forum. Carlton writes:

Just checking in to say hi. I’ve been writing a lot of tunes lately. I think I almost have enough for 4 albums now!

I hope you guys like the new songs I’ve been singing on tour. And just a note to all my overseas peeps, I am very likely to be coming to the land down under in late October/November! I’m so excited! And I believe I’ll be visiting a few other countries as well so I’ll keep you informed. I’m typing really slow here. Once again thank you for all the warm birthdays messages. I appreciate it and a big huge thank you and kiss on cheek for my birthday book. That was really sweet.

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