Vanessa Carlton Makes Music To Give Away

checked in with fans ahead of next week’s release of her debut album ‘Be Not Nobody’. Carlton said, “Hey. It’s 1:15pm on a clock that’s ten minutes fast. I’m tired and dreamy. I have four more days until the official release of an album that is all mine. Actually, on Tuesday the album won’t be mine anymore. It will be yours. That is why musicians make albums; to give it away. I write the songs, but perhaps it is the fans that sing the true melody. I hope that this record is as healing and empowering for you, the listening ears, as it was for me creating it. ‘Be Not Nobody’ is all yours, treat it well for it loves every ear that wants to listen. Much love and peace to my internet peeps. Vanessa.”

Vanessa Carlton ‘Giddy’ Over Next Week’s Album Release

April 25, 2002 – Vanessa check in with fans on her message board Tuesday night, a week before the April 30 album release of her debut ‘Be Not Nobody’. Carlton said, “I am overcome at the moment. I am giddy for an album of my songs will see the light of day in one week, meanwhile, the thought that is ringing in my head right now is ‘my feet are really cold…I need socks’. I’m sitting in my parents living room (that’s where the piano lives) writing a new song and feeling perfectly content in the middle of the night at the edge of a lake. I gotta go find socks now.”

Vanessa Carlton Checks In Ahead Of Album Release

April 22, 2002 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official site’s message board on Monday for the first time in awhile. Carlton wrote, “Oh, it’s been too long. Just wanted to check in. North Carolina was pretty cool. I especially like Raleigh, although I’d like to report strange squirrels in the area around the Lincoln Theatre. Once again your words have left me blushing. Much love. Nine more days, baby! Peace. Vanessa.” Actually, it would be eight days before the release of her debut album ‘Be Not Nobody’, but close enough.

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One thought on “Vanessa Carlton Makes Music To Give Away

  1. VC Freak says:

    I’m glad to see that she takes a lot of pride in her work and appreciates us as well. I always enjoyed her lyrics, for they are so deep and really make you think. I also admire her choice of instrumentals, because I enjoy her creativity with everything she does. I realize this is an old post, but I just want to put out there that I love her music! if you take a look on my iPod its covered with her work, and on my top 25 most played, is all of hers. “Much love and peace to my internet peeps” lol, like it though

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