Vanessa Carlton Reveals Album Title & Update

Vanessa Carlton revealed to fans on her official site’s message board the progress on her album. Carlton said on Saturday morning, “I don’t know if my cold went away or if I’m just really happy this morning. Oh, it’s 2pm isn’t it. I just woke up. I’m going back to LA tomorrow morning to rehearse with my band and finish album artwork. I can’t tell you much I adore the cover of ‘Be Not Nobody’. It’s kind of reminiscent of some of the old 70’s illustrated album covers, but it’s definitely all me. Anyway, I’m finishing up that stuff next week and I got a show if San Fran opening for the Counting Crows. Hope to see some of you there. My mom is making me breakfast!!!! man, it’s good to be home!!” Carlton also said she also does her official site’s artwork.

Vanessa Carlton Shares Secret CD Release Date

March 8, 2002 – Vanessa couldn’t keep her record company’s secret on her official site message board by leaking the release date of her debut album. Vanessa revealed, “Hey guys… guess what! I’m not supposed to say this yet, cause my label hasn’t released the date, but I don’t really care. My album comes out on April 30!!!!!!! yeah baby. Finally!!! It will have eleven songs including all of the lyrics and some cool pics in the booklet. Up until then, I’ll be doing lots of radio shows, a few talk shows, and possibly SNL!!”

Vanessa Carlton Calls In To Seattle Radio Show

March 6, 2002 – Vanessa called in to talk with KISS 106.1’s Jackie & Bender recently (from Los Angeles) to talk about her recent commercial success, the filming of her video ‘A Thousand Miles’, comparisons to Michelle Branch, her reaction to her songs being played on the radio, how she was introduced to music while still in her mother’s womb, and the perks with being a successful artist. Vanessa said she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Vanessa Carlton Checks In After Conan Performance

March 6, 2002 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official site’s message board on Wednesday to give her thoughts on her appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on Tuesday night. Carlton said, “Hey guys. I had fun last night. I can’t tell you how excited I was to touch Conan’s hair. His hair is just so hilarious!!! It felt fantastic. I love him!!!! Anyway, I’m on the east coast hangin’ out with family and friends. I’m sick and need to sleep a lot.”

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