Vanessa Carlton Talks ‘Heroes And Thieves’ With’s Allison interviewed Vanessa Carlton, where the singer songwriter talked about working with ex-boyfriend Stephan Jenkins, Linday Perry and Irv Gotti on her third album ‘Heroes and Thieves’, how she’s “definitely living this record”, her hope to resurrect the written note, heading to Malaysia in April, and how she’s changed from the first album to the current disc.

On working with Jenkins, Perry and Gotti on the album, she said, “Well, I worked on a few chapters of the album with Linda, then I did the majority of it with Stephan, and Irv was more of a cohesive glue in terms of A&R’ing it with me. It’s a very cohesive record despite the fact that I worked with two different people. I have been aknowleging this record as my first concept record, and it really is more of a musical storybook and there’s a real thread that links all the chapters.”

On tracks from the album that hit home personally for her, Carlton said, “It depends on my mood, but there’s a song called ‘Home’ on there that makes me very upset in a good way every time I play it. I’m definitely living this record in the sense that you play it and you play certain songs and it pushes fresh buttons in a positive way. ‘More Than This’ is the conclusive chapter of the book and it’s the last song on the album. It’s kind of this lyrical notion that I’m striving for all the time and I’m really in the middle of trying to achieve the sentiment behind this song, which is if you choose to declare in this moment that you need no more than what you have, then you would experience bliss. We’re always in the grind every day and it’s easy to loose focus and sight of what brings you joy and what makes you feel peaceful.”

Watch the interview below.

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