Vanessa Carlton’s Woman And A Fridge Joke

shared a rather racy joke to Blender magazine for their December issue. Q: “What’s the difference between a woman and a fridge?” A: “A fridge doesn’t fart when you take the meat out.”

Vanessa Carlton’s Message For Fans

November 23, 2002 – Vanessa posted a message for fans on her official message board on Saturday. Vanessa writes, “It feels so good to see familiar faces across the country. Everywhere feels like home. The tour is incredible. As tired as I am during the day, the minute I step on stage I’m completely alive. You guys are an incredible audience to play music for. Alright. Enough ass kissin’, heehee. I go to Puerto Rico tomorrow to hang out with Regis. It’s strange to say the least. He’s the most hyper older man I’ve ever encountered. My mom’s gonna be my beach bum partner tomorrow. Two chicks in their swanky bikinis! Before you guys delve into turkey and stuffing, make sure you catch me on tv freezing my ass off at the half time show. It’s gonna be hilarious.
Peace and merry Thanksgiving! Vanessa.”

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