Vanessa Minnillo Regrets Knife Pictures With Lindsay Lohan reports that the photos featuring Vanessa Minnillo and Lindsay Lohan, where the two were holding knives at each other last June, came about after Minnillo “got caught up in the moment and thought it would be fun,” according to a source. But Nick Lachey’s girlfriend regrets the action which took place a few weeks after she began dating the former star. “It was stupid and she regrets it,” the source added. “They were only fooling around.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Lindsay’s Dad Upset About Her 21st Birthday Party Plans

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael tells In Touch magazine he’s not happy about Lindsay’s plans to go ahead with her 21st birthday bash at Pure in Las Vegas next month. “If Lindsay heads to Vegas for a big party when she’s released from Promises, it has disaster written all over it,” he explained. “Why would you put someone who’s just gotten out of a 30-day rehab program into a situation like that?” He added, “I understand turning 21 is a big deal. But she can always celebrate her birthday at another time or in another way.”

Lindsay Lohan Ignoring Advice To Cancel 21st Birthday Bash

‘Access Hollywood’ has learned that while Lindsay Lohan’s advisors are urging her to cancel her 21st birthday bash at Pure in Las Vegas, the Promises resident still wants to hold the event coincide with her July 2nd birthday. Additionally, while she is reportedly doing well in rehab, sources tell ‘Access’ that Lindsay’s friends are sensing the actress doesn’t want to be there.

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One thought on “Vanessa Minnillo Regrets Knife Pictures With Lindsay Lohan

  1. galleta says:

    She’s not a fool she knows Nick does not want this type of publicity. If Nick liked it she wouldn’t be apologizing. She’d better be careful I don’t think he’s going to take anymore crap from a woman.

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