Vanity Fair: Michael Jackson Hid Accuser’s Wine In Coke Can

gave wine to the 13-year-old cancer patient at the center of the molestation charges he’s battling but concealed it inside a Coke can, according to a story in the March issue of Vanity Fair. The incident reportedly occurred during a February flight from Florida, and partially explains the charges of “administering an intoxicating agent with intent to commit a felony” that the beleaguered pop star is also fighting in Santa Barbara County, California, court.

Debbie Rowe Not Fighting For Custody Of Michael Jackson Kids

January 25, 2004 – Roger Friedman of is insisting reports in The Sun that Michael’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe would be fighting for custody of their kids is untrue. Friedman writes, “I am told that this simply is not true. Rowe is said to have laughed heartily when she heard the British tabloid The Sun made up their latest fiction. Rowe will not be making a ‘row’. She signed away her rights to Prince and Paris for millions years ago and is quite happy with her life as it is.” Read more, including another Friedman rant about others “stealing” his scoops, here.

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