Varsity Fanclub Get Spooked At Haunted Hotel

Varsity Fanclub

Drew Ryan Scott of updated fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Sunday (September 21), discussing a creepy incident at the hotel they were staying at in Wichita, Kansas before he switched rooms. He writes:

After my shower I get dressed and then head to the new room… at this point David has already left the new room. I walk in and there is a desk pushed up against the “connecting room” door… very weird and out of place… but whatever..

THE NIGHT PROGRESSES and we get in a taxi…the driver says “So how’s the haunted hotel?”

WHAT? She explains to us a little about how the hotel has been haunted since the 20s…..NO WAY this is my dream come true to stay in a haunted hotel!

We decided to Google the hotel and sure enough it is ranked as one of North America’s most haunted hotels!!! And under the list of haunting “incidents” it says… The furniture will move around to random positions at random times… The door to the rooms will shake and try to open but if you look on the other side there is no one there… Don’t leave the doors cracked open.. ever…

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