Varsity Fanclub Hold Pumpkin Carving Contest

are holding a pumpkin carving contest ahead of Halloween, with fans being asked to carve the name Varsity Fanclub, VFC or VARSITY in big letters into the pumpkin, and say something along the lines of “album out Jan 13” or “Get Album 1-13-09”. The band states: “Now don’t be scared to be creative…you can use anything on your pumpkin to make it look cool, carve pictures, glue on pictures, draw on the pumpkin…write on the pumpkin…put a speaker in the pumpkin so it sings “Future Love” to everyone…. be creative anything you think of could be cool!!! And there is no rule that says you can’t do more than one (the more the merrier) SO you have your work ahead of you, a patio full of pumpkins danggggg!!”

A video featuring contest details at YouTube has since been removed.

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