VH1 Looking For The Ultimate AJ McLean Fan

VH1 is looking for AJ McLean’s ultimate fan to be on their upcoming show. If you live, sleep, and breathe AJ, and you live in the west coast region, here is what to do to be considered (fans 21 and older are encouraged to write in):

ON tape, be yourself, and simply tell us why you are the ultimate fan of star AJ McLean. When, where, and how did it all begin for you? You can include memorabilia, or the testimonial of a friend or loved one- whatever you like. (The tape will not be returned)

If you do not have access to a camera OR you cannot make the deadline, email musicfans@vh1staff.com and we will find a solution. GOOD LUCK!!

Be sure to sign and mail in the attached release form with your video
(also available at http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/reality_casting/ )

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