Victoria Beckham, What’s A Girl To Do?

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, the queen of fashion and style in the UK. What are her future plans, I’m predicting that she will become a stylist. Her music career was ok, not as bad as others but could of done a lot better.

Poor Posh has had a lot to cope with, tonight on UK screens her ex-boyfriend Mark Wood tells us all about his life with her, why is he doing this, to make a little bit of money probably and to try and have a dig at her like she did in her biography. On the show we will hear how she has spent £20,000 on plastic surgery and from “friends”, basically this is a diss posh show, which is unfair.

Also on UK screens at the moment is a reality show called the farm, on this show they have “celebrities”, one of these is Rebecca Loos, hardly a celeb. Anyway she is always dissing Posh, its what makes her famous.

I believe Vic should concentrate on her home life now, she is expecting a 3rd child, and plans to have 5 kids, she should spend time with them and and be with her husband David Beckham.

Posh’s Chocolate Cookie Cravings

The Sun reports that pregnant former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has developed a craving for gluten-free chocolate cookies. “She has had a real craving for gluten-free cookies,” a source said. “They have chocolate on one side and she absolutely loves them. Vic eats what she wants when she’s pregnant. It’s a real treat for her because she’s usually so careful about her food. David also loves it when Victoria is pregnant because he enjoys cooking healthy meals for her.”

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One thought on “Victoria Beckham, What’s A Girl To Do?

  1. Treggie250 says:

    poor vb, she deserves a good life after such a good career with the spice girls. and we all know the girl has got style and her clothes range will be wicked!

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