Village Voice’s Musto Comments On Britney Spears Wedding

The Village Voice entertainment columnist Michael Musto was on MSNBC’s ‘Scarborough Country’ on Monday to discuss Britney Spears’ marriage over the weekend to childhood friend Jason Alexander. Asked by host Joe Scarborough why he thought the couple decided on the bizarre nuptials, Musto responded, “I think it was more of something that happened as a result of a couple of champagnes on New Year‘s. And she thought, wouldn‘t it be cute to get married, not even realizing that you have to go and get a license first? And if you actually look at her signature on the license, which she eventually did have to get, it‘s a little shaky.” Read on for the complete transcript.

SCARBOROUGH: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, baby, unless
you‘re Britney Spears.

The pop sensation married her childhood friend two days ago and then
had it annulled 55 hours later.

Michael Musto, you are “The Village Voice” entertainment columnist.

Help our viewers understand exactly what pop tart Britney Spears is
up to.

MICHAEL MUSTO, “THE VILLAGE VOICE”: Well, this is obviously the
result of a drunken goof. You know, everybody drinks on New Year‘s,
except me. Diet Coke. Love it. I‘m sorry. for the
free commercial.



MUSTO: But, anyway, her and her old childhood friend had a couple
of champagnes. According to “The New York Post,” she had to be carried
out of our party on New Year‘s Eve by three bodyguard, though Britney‘s
people deny that. But, obviously, she thought, oh, getting married
would be a cute new stunt.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, I was just going to ask you, though, do you
think that she did it because she may have been tipsy, or do you think
it may have been a publicity stunt?

MUSTO: I don‘t think it was necessarily a publicity stunt, because
no media alerts were sent out. She didn‘t even invite her own family.

I think it was more of something that happened as a result of a couple
of champagnes on New Year‘s. And she thought, wouldn‘t it be cute
to get married, not even realizing that you have to go and get a license
first? And if you actually look at her signature on the license,
which she eventually did have to get, it‘s a little shaky.


SCARBOROUGH: Now, some people—you follow celebrities. That‘s
your job, OK? A lot of people are saying that Britney may be veering
out of control.

In fact, one of our producers said she could be the new Dennis Rodman.
After all, Dennis Rodman kisses Madonna. Britney kisses Madonna.
Dennis Rodman gets married in Vegas, has it annulled later. Britney
Spears gets married in Vegas, has it annulled later. Why is a pop
superstar like Britney Spears chasing bad headlines? Is that really
good for business?

MUSTO: Well, first of all, Dennis Rodman is much prettier than
Britney Spears. Let‘s face it.

But, anyway, I think Britney grew up in the spotlight from day one.
She was a Mouseketeer as a child. She never had a childhood, never
had an adolescent, and never had an early adulthood. And now she
is grasping at some identity of her own by doing all these stunts.
And from day one, she was marketed as kind of a vampy slut on stage, who,
off stage, was supposedly a virginal girl next door. That was too
constraining for her and it wasn‘t true.

The reality is starting to show, that she is a real person who drinks,
smokes and dates. She is like everybody else her age.

SCARBOROUGH: Gets married and then has it annulled 55 hours later.

Now, Britney‘s husband for two days, Jason Alexander, explained what
he and Britney were thinking at the time.


in the room, man. It was just crazy. And we were looking out
the windows and we were just looking at the light and the city and we was
like, this is pretty, beautiful night. It was cool. And we
was looking at each other and we was like, “Let‘s do something wild and
crazy. And let‘s go get married, just for the hell of it. Let‘s


MUSTO: OK. He scares me.

SCARBOROUGH: So, Michael, is this guy a SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY rube
or a public relations pawn?

MUSTO: I think he‘s a little bit of both. You say, what
were they thinking? Not much. I‘m very afraid of that person.


MUSTO: And I think that they made a mockery of the whole marital

institution, which might be the best thing about it, because it‘s showing

· well, let me
not get into my politics here.

But Britney is well on her way to being the next Zsa Zsa or Elizabeth
Taylor. She should do two or three of these a week. And I far
prefer what she and this Jason guy did to what Bennifer did. Ben
and Jennifer‘s wedding was so big and so hyped, they had to cancel it.


Now, Britney petitioned for an annulment today, obviously, 12 minutes
after the court opened. And her lawyer argued this—quote—“Britney
lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable
of agreeing to marriage.”

I mean, that sounds like the understatement of a lifetime. But
what part of “I do” did Britney not understand?

MUSTO: I think the “I” and the “do.” Those are hard words.

Look, Britney wrote a memoir before she ever had read a book.
I think you have to read one before you write one.


MUSTO: I like Britney and I feel for her. I feel that her
childhood has been robbed from her. And she needs to explore herself
in these idiosyncratic ways before she does become a real adult.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, do you think, though, that she is doing because
her career is headed downward, just like, again, when Dennis Rodman‘s career
was headed on the way down, when Madonna stopped selling records, when
Michael Jackson stopped selling 20 million records? They start doing
strange, bizarre things. Do you think that‘s what‘s happening here?

MUSTO: Well, that‘s funny, too. Britney has already been
declared over so many times, but she is still a viable gossip entity, even
if she doesn‘t sell as many records as before. And I think she‘s
addicted to the fame and the fact that, if you do a silly stunt like this,
it is going to make headlines. People are going to talk about it.

SCARBOROUGH: All right, well, if I get ever addicted to fame,
I will go to Las Vegas and remarry my wife.

MUSTO: Just say no.

SCARBOROUGH: Won‘t get it annulled, though.

Thanks a lot for being with us, Michael Musto. We appreciate it.

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