VMAs 2004, Worst Year Ever

I know everybody is probably tired with the VMAs blabbing. But to be honest, this was the worst year out of the 5 years I’ve watched the VMAs. I’m so disappointed in how MTV promotes this year VMAs. “It’s going to be the best year ever”, “Ya’ll don’t want to miss it”, “Making history”. Sure, it’s just really sad, don’t promote something, and hype it all up if you’re not going to live up to it. I felt like I was watching a mini concert, everything was so unorganized, screaming fans everywhere, microphones weren’t working, presenters didn’t know where the winners were/if they were even there, there was no host (I laughed for about 30 seconds).

The whole 5 stage thing wasn’t working. Sure it’s in Miami, and Miami is a hot place. But MTV ruined it. They made it seemed like something sexy, and yachts coming in. But its not. Next time MTV, keep the VMAs in NYC or LA. Keep the fans in balcony and position, keep the celebrities in one section the only people that receive camera time was -Beyonce, Jay Z, J.Lo, , P. Diddy, and Bruce Willis, have a host (that’s a must, whatever happened to the days where Chris Rock was the host?), organized everything before airing it live to millions of people. Lastly, don’t make your winners so predictable whatever happened to the MUSIC VIDEOs, don’t give awards to artist just because there HOT RIGHT NOW. The highlight of the VMAs.. Stevie Wonder, and…. The Gap Commercial.

Bring back Chris Rock and VMAs next year to NYC!

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