VMAs Are About Favorite Artists, Not Best Videos

Contributed anonymously:

Let’s face it; VMAs are based solely on fan loyalty. No matter what the video looks like the fans are going to stick their hearts out for their favorite artists not the greatest videos. There are many great videos, but it takes way more than a great video to make someone vote their butt off. I love Beyonce’s “Naughty girl” and Usher’s “Yeah” but will I vote for them? No, because they don’t appeal to me. Beyonce seems very bitchy and pushy, (same goes for Usher) and no matter how great she shakes her ass in that video I will not vote her solely because I don’t like “her”.

Now, on the other hand we got Christina Aguilera’s “Voice within”, not the most flashy video out here, in fact very simple, but I’m still ruling for it and voting my a** off to make sure Christina wins Why? Because she puts her soul in it with her incredible voice and spirit, and that’s enough for me. The fact that she’s open and real appeals to me very much (not to mention her incredible talent). I think the same goes for every fan and admirer.

So, at the end of the day it’s not about how great your video or song is, it’s about how great of an impact you leave on people.


All Christina fans get off your butts (or not lol), go to MTV and vote for our girl. She deserves to win. Now let’s make sure it happens!

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