VV Brown Escapes A Wardrobe Malfunction With Style

posted an update for fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday. The British pop artist writes:

We are doing a mini Northern tour supporting the script, who buy the way are so lovely, and in the mean while Ive been stuffing my face with northern junk food and worrying that I might not be able to fit into the black and pink mini dress I bought the other day. My boobs neally fell out at the show I did to day and I had to pretend I was doing a goofy dance to try and convince the crown I wasnt a hoe trying to get a quick lay from the guy at the front buy showing my tits off… in fact I put them away in a sophisticated manner and then shouted to the crowd, I think my boob came out ! lol Thank God they laughed other wise the cricket sound of the arena would have been painful sonics.

VV has since removed the post.

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