VV Brown Putting Penis Pictures On Her Album Artwork?

updated fans on her Twitter account (@VVbrown) earlier today, with a provocative idea for her ‘Travelling Like The Light’ album artwork. The ‘Crying Blood’ singer writes:

Had an acting class for video? Then counted my Polaroid collection, I have bout 3000, Africa express, indie bands, penis’, vaginas’, sunsets..

I’ve decided I’m gonna do a Polaroid diary, this is mad, some of my pics are bloody iconic! My put inside album artwork! Espec 1″s of penis’

Prompting this response from Calvin Harris (@calvinharris):

@VVbrown did you actually just say you’re putting pictures of penises in your album artwork?! Just when I thought I had you figured out…!

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  1. 7 says:

    Exclusive interview with V V Brown


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