Wake Up Call To Both Madonna And Mariah Fans

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So this is it . . . the morning after. A morning of disappointment to both Madonna and Mariah Carey fans. Madonna fans were expecting that she would steal the show — she didn’t (the crowd was cold). Mariah fans like myself expected a clean sweep — we were disappointed and now hurt. This is a wake up call to both Madonna and Mariah fans. The insults, the ugly war of words and the dissing must end here. Now. Rather than warring, we must unite. Fans of both divas are lucky because they have chosen to admire the best, not the least, not one-hit wonders or critically-acclaimed but boring and hit-less artists. Long after U2 or Kanye West are gone and forgotten, these two divas will remain queens in their respective fields of music. Long after the old, boring and jealous Academy have faded, the names Mimi and Madge will continue to cause commotion. Mimi will continue to behave and dress like the diva she is, dishing out #1’s after #1’s. Madge will keep on reinventing herself, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but still remain THE one and only Madonna.

It’s a pity that I myself have been caught up in the war of fans. Misunderstood, criticized and hated (like our very own divas) in this forum, I have only tried to express my honest opinions — but many have read them as attacks. To hell with the Grammys then. As someone here said, let’s stick to MTV from now on, since MTV is more in touch with reality and gives credit to those who really deserve it. Time for Madonna fans and Lambs to reconcile and pray for the time when both our idols will end their feud as well and come up with a duet that will shake the world of music.

When Kelly Clarkson Met Madonna

February 9, 2006 – Grammy award winner Kelly Clarkson spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about her victorious night on the Grammys and revealed her most exciting star encounter was with another pop superstar. “I met Madonna, and she’s really cool and beautiful,” said Clarkson. “You always think, ‘Oh, it’s Photoshop.’ But, no, she’s beautiful.” So what did the ‘Idol’ say to her idol? “I said, ‘Oh my God, you’re beautiful, and you have the best thighs.” Madonna’s response: “OK, I’ll send them to you.” The full story at rollingstone.com has since been removed/relocated.

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One thought on “Wake Up Call To Both Madonna And Mariah Fans

  1. Cameron L-V says:

    I 100% agree! They need to unite and release a killer duet I’m gonna start an e-mail pation (sp?) and sen it to both their reps, companies, fan sites etc…

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