Wallis Bird Doing Final Mixes For Her New Album

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Friday (May 1), talking about the new album and the big move. The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

In the run up to these off days, I’ve been doing final mixes on the album, doing magazine photo shoots, lots of moving out, lots of moving in, lots of sleeping, jamming, dancing and laughing. Happy times! I had to move all my “Early 20’s” (As Aoife called it) out of my Mannheim Flat. I’d had it for around 3 years and shared it with many’s a cool person. Each one writing a memory, a joke, a small phrase or a picture on the wall. The flat was covered in photos. When I eventually had to get around to cleaning/ moving out of the flat, I took the first photo off the wall, and just broke down into tears.

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