Wango Tango Celeb Encounters: Paula Rude, BSB Nice

Contributed anonymously:

On May 17th, I attended the Wango Tango with hopes of seeing on stage. When she got on stage to announce the American Idol finalists, my heart began to pound as I began to scream, cheering and jumping up and down exclusively for the love of Ms. Abdul. Read on for more info on Paula Abdul’s horrible backstage temper tantrums & how the are a great group who, unlike Paula, care about their fans.

It was the first time I had ever seen her in person, and last year I betrothed on going to an audition for American Idol 2, and waiting for 2 days in the freezing cold just to meet her. My mom eventually cancelled our transportation from San Diego to Pasadena because she didn’t want me to catch an pneumonia, and because she felt that since I was 16, I was too young to be alone at night and she refused to wait with me in the cold/darkness. I was crying for days, so you can only imagine my excitement to finally see her, if only for a few seconds on a stage.

I was a huge fan ever since I was 5 years old and saw her Grammy-winning “Opposites Attract” music video, and was awestruck. I had my mom buy me her album, MC Skat Kat merchandise, and posters of her. I thought she was the hottest person alive, and her singing and dancing was astonishing.

While I was at the Wango Tango on Saturday, I found myself backstage without knowing it. When I realized I was backstage, I began running up to all my favorite celebrities who were there, including Howie Durough of my favorite boy band, the 70+ million selling Backstreet Boy’s! He really made up for the time I didn’t get AJ’s autograph, so I got pics of him & his autograph!

Since when I found out I was backstage I saw Paula go up some stairs, and while I was getting autographs and pictures taken, I never saw her actually exit, I assumed she’d still be up there somewhere. I waited for her to come, keeping high hopes that my dream would come true.

Sure enough I got to see her in person. I would never think of her in the same way. I pulled out the Japanese “The Singles EP” import CD I brought in hopes of getting her autograph along with an autograph pen and proceeded to hand it to her and asked for her autograph. She promptly began to reach for it, and I was extremely excited. Then a security guy from her entourage shoved me extremely hard knocking me back a few feet. I looked up, and saw Paula.

I remembered how when she was on the Wayne Brady show the night before, and Wayne said her entourage seemed rude, and she told him if she finds out who was rude she’d fire them, and she’d really get mad if it happened to her face. I was actually supposed to try to catch sleep that night so I could be ready to leave the house at 12, so I could be more than an hour early for my 1:45am Greyhound, and I’d have no sleep whatsoever the next day. Even so, I wanted to see the dreamy Paula Abdul on TV.

All dreams come to an end. Or are really nightmares. Paula looked directly at me and gave me the most vicious, ice cold look; then proceeded to snub me and walk away really quickly and encouraged her entourage to walk her to the exiting area. Along the way, her entourage demanded fans to move, as though they were a police squad invading an illegal operation. Paula Abdul’s fans must be criminals in need of brutal punishment for liking her.

I was disgusted, and may never think of Paula in the same light – or in any light- again. I cried immediately after I was snubbed by the arrogant diva who seemed to be so friendly and approachable on TV. She made it clear that she cares much more for the money and herself than her actual fans (unless she’s on camera, so she can get good promotion).

I won’t be destroying my collection of Paula Abdul merchandise any time soon. I’ve spent far too much money for that, and may one day out of desperation, feel forced to listen to one of her once-inspiring songs. But right now the only song by her I’ll be playing is “Cold Hearted.” She’s as cold as ice.

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