Warner Refuses To Pick Up ‘American Life’ Video Tab

Us Weekly reports defied Warner Brothers recommendations to avoid shooting the video, preferring to do things her way. A source explains, “For weeks before the shoot began, they label pleaded with Madonna to change her mind, since the US was headed for war.” The Material Girl reportedly refused to do a video for her album’s first single “unless it was her ‘vision'”, according to the source. Madonna’s spokeswoman responded saying, “Her label always gives her complete creative control of her videos and music.” But after the label paid up the $600,000 to shoot the video, Madonna was forced to pull it at the last moment, and now the “furious” label is saying it “refuses to pay the $600,000 tab.”

‘American Life’ Succeeds As An Album Where ‘Music’ Failed

April 10, 2003 – Alan Braidwood of Radio 1 reviewed Madonna’s new album ‘American Life’ and indicates her latest “succeeds as an album where ‘Music’ failed.” He added, “Initially it’s not an easy listen. There is a lot going on here, but it sounds fantastic and definitely an album which you want to listen to again and again.”

Madonna Upset Over Acting Criticism

April 10, 2003 – Dave DiMartino of Launch.com caught up with Madonna and asked the singer/actress if she felt there was anything that she felt she had been unfairly maligned for that she shouldn’t have been. “Well, I think people are unbelievably cruel when it comes to critiquing or revealing the films that I’ve been in, at least they have been for the last few. I don’t think they were reviewing the films, I think that they were personally attacking me, and it’s obvious, they don’t even try to hide it.”

Madonna’s ‘American Life’ Her Finest Work

April 9, 2003 – A fan on Madonnarama.com reviewed Madonna’s forthcoming album ‘American Life’. Edward Russell writes, “What do I think? Bearing in mind that I need to listen to it in the privacy of my own home, in my own time and learn the songs I think I still come to the same conclusion. This album is fu**ing amazing. It’s the best piece of work she has ever produced. It’s homogenous-sounding in terms of production, yet it is full a diversity in its song style. Her vocal is breathtakingly good. It is acoustic, yet electronic. It is ’80s, yet very modern. It has taken 20-years for Madonna to create her finest work and I am blown away. There is not a bad song on it. Fans will not be disappointed.”

Madonna May Attend Release Party In Vegas

April 9, 2003 – The Las Vegas Sun reports rumors are starting to fly that Madonna will attend a release party for her new ‘American Life’ album that Warner Bros. has scheduled at the Palms on April 24th.

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