Watch Cash Cash’s Jean Paul Confront Alleged Female Pedophile

Jean Paul Makhlouf of checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@cashcash) on Monday (November 30), discussing a bizarre incident after their concert in McAllen, Texas. A woman apparently had been groping and propositioning underaged girls attending the show, including some pre-teens, and Makhlouf confronted her, eventually grabbing her beer and pouring it on her. Makhlouf writes:

Ok, so I know a bunch of you guys saw some of our tweets last night and wanna know what the hell happened! haha so here I am to explain it all!

First off, it was hands down the most screwed up thing I’ve seen all year…..

So the show just ended and everyone was just hanging out at the merch tables… this was last night BTW in McAllen, TX. Anyways…. so were all at the merch tables and there’s this trashy lady like in her mid 30’s just chillin there being all drunk and stupid loud with a beer in her hand dancing like a stripper and stuff… which was funny, everyone was laughing at this point… then it got a little weird when she bends over the merch table and goes ok who wants to spank my ass for a $1 and a couple people went and did it and it was still kinda funny at this point… then she grabs some little girl and is like “hey do you wanna touch my b**bs??” and the girl like freaked out and walked away… that got me paying to attention to like what she was doing… then after I see her walk up to these 2 little girls on line to buy stuff and she puts her arm over the little girls shoulder and starts rubbing the little girls chest like right on her breast! And she made this insane pedophile face while doing it!!! The little girl freaked out and ran away immediately without buying the shirt she was online for… Me and our guitar tech Hugh saw it and I freaked out!!! I wad like “lady what the hell is wrong with you?!?! are you a pedophile touching little girls?”…. I mean the girl she touched was literally maybe 12-13…. I got so sick to my stomach and my heart just dropped when it happened seeing the scared expression on that little girls face… so I ran up to her and started yelling sayin stuff like “get your pedophile drunk ass out of here”… she replies with “what are you a faggafile??” I go “are you kidding me lady… sorry I don’t like watching sum drunk 30 year old molesting a little girl… I was like would you touch your daughter like that?” and she answers me with…. “no that’s not my daughter but maybe I’ll be her mommy later tonight…” after she said that I freaked out and grabbed her beer and poured it all over her face drenching the sh** out her!!! Also keep in mind there were like 40 people surrounding us that saw the whole thing happen and cheered me on for doing it… Then she grabbed me ripped my shirt off and tried to attack me… Everyone was screaming at her and she got kicked out… Fans were coming up to me after sayin stuff like “jp thanks so much for doing that, that crazy lady kept coming up to me asking me to touch her boobs and she would take my hand and I got really scared” I was soo fired up at this point it just made me so angry to hear and see all that. So anyways… that’s what happened! Crazyyyyy crazyyy night

So moral of the story… to everyone out there, boy or girl, young or old…. If anyone ever touches you in a way that you don’t feel comfortable make sure to say something and tell someone… don’t be scared to go to the police, or to a school teacher or a friends parents… you should never let anyone disrespect you or your body!!

Ok I’m done venting hahaha but seriously damn I gave it to this lady pretty bad hahah check this video a fan emailed us of it down below to see how it all went down!! haha *NOTE* that its not me doing all the cursing in the video haha it was the person filming… haha
~ jean paul

p.s. so my favorite hat fell off when the crazy lady attacked me and then someone stole it off the ground and ran off with it…. but thanks to my man Kyle from Fight Fair I was able to get it back!!! hahah so lucky! If you guys haven’t checked them out yet! Get down to it… They are a super fun band that remind me of all the pop punk bands I used to listen to growing up! go show em some love!!!

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