We Compare; Deal With It And Stop Whining

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There has been a lot of comparison talk lately. Some of you say that we should not compare artists at all, some of you say that only certain artists should be compared to each other, and some of you just want to compare every famous person that comes along to another one.

Most of you choose the former option though, and complain over and over again that it is not fair to compare artists at all, or that each artist is different in their own way. Well this may have been true at one point, but these days there are very few true artists even left. The record labels scout for young people who have the look, the attitude, the image etc. and then mass produce them using the same song writers, the same voice mixers, the same back up vocals etc. It is quite hard not to compare these entertainers. And while I agree that there are a few with actual talent (like who has the voice or Britney Spears who has the dance moves) they are really no different than the others. They share the same damn vocal coaches and song writers to make them sound that amazing and the same choreographers to give them the grace they possess on stage. The industry has gone from art to business.

But comparisons between entertainers are nothing new at all, even though it is far easier to do these days, it has been done forever. Everyone is the new someone. People want comparisons as it gives them something to gossip about, to write about, to argue about… and let’s face it we do love that stuff, why do you think forums, chatrooms, and tabloids are as prominant as they are? If we don’t create conflict and scandal then what would be left to entertain us? I find it sad that people do not have enough excitement in their own lives, and must resort to obsessing over others, but it happens and no amount of whining about the unfairness of comparisons is going to change that. Deal with it.

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