Website Selling Britney And Anna Lesbian Sex Video

A website is claiming to have obtained a sex tape featuring and Anna Kournikova having lesbian sex. The site’s ad teases, “You see, both Anna and Britney’s people suspected there might have been a video made some time ago from their little ‘get together.’ But neither camp had any idea who had it or what had become of it. So, under the highest form of secrecy, the propaganda machine got ready to roll just in case the tape was released to the media. Nobody really knew what happened in that hotel room (except for Brit and Anna); their people just knew that no one else must ever find out.” Apparently the site was featured on KROQ in Los Angeles as well.

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4 thoughts on “Website Selling Britney And Anna Lesbian Sex Video

  1. Xavier Jones says:

    Why must Britney do such a thing I don’t think it is ideal

  2. Klunder says:

    Also I wanted to mention that by doing this you are helping others learn. And they will especially love you if you help them figure something out they are stuck on.

  3. viv says:

    now a video featuring Britney Spears and Anna Kournikova would be f’ing hot, especially if it was to have taken place 6 years ago

  4. angelaaaaa says:

    That’s hot.

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