Westlife Chats With Dotmusic.com

Dotmusic.com spoke with and asked the boyband about their release of ‘When A Woman Loves A Man’ as a digital download before it hits the shops and whether they are in favor of music on the Internet. “I’m in favor of music on the Internet as long as it’s controlled right,” Kian Egan remarked. “It can be very damaging for the music industry and for bands if it gets to a stage where no acts are selling albums anymore because everybody is downloading them for free off the Internet. That can be quite dangerous for us all because this is a business after all and the companies, realistically, are there to make money. It might not necessarily be like that for the artist but record companies won’t put money into the artist unless they’re making the money back. The only way they can do that is through album sales, so for us it is important that we sell albums in order for our record company to keep us going.”

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