Westlife Stars Quickly Dropping Off The Market

With star star Shane Filan set to wed his fiancee Gillian Welsh next month, the boyband is quickly becoming off the market. “This band has grown into a huge family and it won’t be long before the grandkids are roaming around,” Kian Egan joked to The Glasgow Daily Record. “All the wives and sister-in-laws and children come together on the tours and that’s probably the one thing that has really kept us close as a band. If we didn’t have all that to go home to and the end of it all, it wouldn’t be the same. We are adults and have grown up very fast in this mad industry to survive. Families have been very important when it comes to us keeping our feet on the ground. Without them and the girlfriends, it would be a very sad existence. I truly think that’s why we are still here today. Everybody has to go home to an everyday life away from the glamor.” Still, don’t look for Kian to get married anytime soon. Kian, dating actress Jodi Albert, says, “I’ve only been going out with her for six months. I wouldn’t rush into getting married. I’d want to be with someone five years before getting married.”

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