Westlife’s Mark Feehily: I’m Gay

star Mark Feehily has revealed to The Sun that he is gay. “I want people to know the truth about my sexuality. I am gay and I’m very proud of who I am,” the 25-year-old revealed. “I’m not asking for any for any sympathy, or to be a role model to anyone else. I simply felt it was the right time for me to let people know the truth. I have never tried to hide who I am from anyone, but I’m a very private person and in the past I haven’t felt the need to say anything about my sexuality. But I want people to know I’m very comfortable with who I am.”

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31 thoughts on “Westlife’s Mark Feehily: I’m Gay

  1. shy says:

    i don’t believe you’re
    a gay I hope it’s not true
    you are the best singer for
    me because
    i like you’re
    you have rich voice
    and you know you’re so very cute
    you are handsome
    for me you have the best voice I’d
    ever hear
    i hope that you are not a gay
    I don’t believe it
    i love
    you and god bless
    i wish Westlife will plan to have a concert
    in the Philippines
    in Bayugan City
    i want to see and meet you in person
    i wish for it
    i hope my wishes will come true
    i cry when I hear that you’re
    if you are totally a gay
    i’ll die]
    i’ll be so lonely and sad
    because when I first hear the music of Westlife
    i feel so very happy
    and I say
    to my mother
    to please buy a tape of Westlife
    and when I saw you in computer
    i always said I hope I can have the e mail of the yahoo messenger of Mark Feehily
    ahmn. joke
    thank you for
    sharing you’re voice
    to us
    god bless and I love you so very much
    I love You
    marcus Micheal patrick feehily

  2. jireh says:

    Mark I will tell it to you honestly, I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you are because I am always here to support you. I am you’re no.1 fan,we love you, I love you very, very much not because you are handsome, cute and a star, I love you because of who you are…… LOVE YOU MARK…….

  3. Icha says:

    I think you’re so brave to tell anyone about this.
    When I first heard it, I’m so surprised.
    But I’m thinking again ‘what about you?’.
    If I’m really fans to you, I must like all about you.
    Even that’s curious.
    I’ll support whatever that make you happy.
    I’ll happy if you happy.
    Thank you for all you did.
    I love you, Mark

  4. hdp says:

    wow.. need a lot of nerve to confess.
    no such in this world has a perfect shape, two thumbs up for Ur state of mind.
    be brave for next to come.
    good luck.

  5. amy says:

    it doesn’t matter who you are its the person’s personality that counts not whether there gay or straight I hope mark and his boyfriend are so happy together and wish them both luck in the future :) xx

  6. meymey says:

    first when I knew that you are a gay….
    I don’t believe it…
    I’m your fans
    you are the best singer…
    I like your voice..
    but, that’s okay..
    you’re very brave..
    although you are a gay, you let every one know you…
    that’s very gentleman…
    just choice, everything that you things right..

  7. ivan says:

    hey mark!
    i know it was hard
    but I’ll be there
    for you…

  8. Jeice says:

    We say, the best is still yet to come, well the best has already come: YOU came to this world.
    I love you because of your personality, not because you’re rich, you have a good voice, you’re the hottest man alive… You are beautiful on the inside and the outside.
    You being gay or not none of us care! we’re here cause we love you, we support you, we admire you, you’re an inspiration to this whole wide world. you are the magic in everything that is tragic.

  9. mariah jay says:

    Even you are gay Mark, we still loving you as your fan , be true who you are!!!

  10. princess baby says:

    I don’t believe it you are gay?? Why you like gay ha? you don’t like with girl?? Whatever… but I will be your fan too forever!!!

  11. GHEN says:


  12. GHEN says:


  13. Fiona says:

    I love you guys, Westlife. I am so addicted to your songs started 1999. I love your concert in Malaysia,it was so energetic and fascinating.To Mark,i love you so much no matter who you are..


  14. areef says:

    I love you …. whatever about you…… I love your personality

  15. rogielyn says:

    hey….IDOL….you know I’m so sad when I know that you are a gay….why?….that is the big question.i hope you will realize that there is only two kind of person lord’s made. but so much for that god bless you always hoping that you have a concert there in Philippines…

  16. giovani says:

    right, we all don’t care who you are, and you straight or gay, we love your personality and of course your voice !!
    need millions of braves to tell it to public, but you do !! and we always still support you and we always still love you !!

    from your biggest fan

    I Love You Marcus Michael Patrick Feehily

  17. veronica cahill says:

    Hi Mark
    Veronica here
    Love yer new album love the albums before that you have such amazing voice mark.And now my eight year old daughter loves yer music too. Both me and my daughter Chloe can’t wait to see ye play in Croke Park on the 5th of June 2010 we have our tickets already.To me your private life is your business no body elses. You are still lovely and cute and noting changes that.You Know who your true fans are the ones tat stand by you through the hardest of times it must have been very hard for you I wish you the best of luck. I rem reading your interview in the RTE Guide last week saying that your 20s a lot of stuff happened and you just want your 30s to be better I feel that way too my 20s were not great I want to be able to leave them behind and my 30s to be even better.
    Love ya loads
    see ya June the 5th in Croke park
    love Veronica and Chloe xxxx
    Buy the way you make me cry in a could way every time I listen to your albums your voice is so strong and powerful.

  18. chez says:

    ow I’m totally shocked but it’s okay, you’re very handsome to be a ”gay” but as long as you happy with that… well, I can accept it wholeheartedly. your fans are here for you no matter what! at least you’re the gay that caught my attentions! Good luck and I wish you all the best!

  19. cutegurl says:

    Hi Mark you’re the best man in this world don’t worry if your gay I’m here to support you always YOUR THE BEST MARK,, I always love you there’s no one like you Westlife

  20. jeekung says:

    I like you so much!!!!!!!
    I don’t care ! I will be your fan forever.
    I think you choose the best way for yourself.
    I LOVE you

    Thailand fans

  21. egi panghurian says:

    hello Mark, how are you?
    i am very like you, I always hope to meet with you. but, I don’t have chance.
    i do love you,

    yours Indonesian admirer

  22. wave says:

    OMG what should I say
    Westlife band will be less popular after the so-called Mark marriage
    Mark shame on you

  23. Cynthia Emecheta 4rm Nigeria says:

    Please my dear you are not a gay and you can never be because I love you, I admire everything you have including your sweet voice it makes me happy and you are very handsome more than I can imagine. Dear I pray that God will make me one day to see you I really love you.

  24. megan says:

    whatever who you are .. we’re still love you Mark..
    but it will be great if you like a woman..
    I hope this is not true,,
    You are good looking, you are hot , you are very handsome,, try to find good women.. I know you can find.. Because many ladies are waiting for you ..
    God made human different ,, one a ladies and one men, for be a good couple..
    try to find out who you are.. you are men guys..

  25. jay says:

    how old are you when you cannot hide your feeling?
    your my favorite singer!

  26. prim says:

    i don’t have a problem with gays but my question is does he wear like a woman

  27. angel says:

    oh you are a gay ok that is disgusting I do not support that. I believe it is only man and woman not man to man. Come let us don’t go that way you did not plan for this,please do the right thing ok, I wrote a song for you if I come see you guys soon I am missing you guys

  28. celine says:

    hi there ,how are you? Marky your the best guy or the best person in the whole world for me !! I believe that you are not a gay !! but in what you have said I got disappointed !! I didn’t knew that you’ll be like that ..
    but its OK no matter who you are , no matter what you are I still love who you are Marky !! ” I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ”

    whatever the other would say about you , your personality .. don’t mind them !! their just jealous ..
    I LIKE YOU !!

    I LOVE YOU !!

    from : Celine of the Philippines

  29. marie Louise says:

    Mark I will keep love you because I don’t care that you’re gay because gay is gay and you will still be Mark Feehily
    so I will keep supporting you because we’re all still don’t know what is gonna happen to us in future may be it may happen to me too but I don’t wish

  30. marie Louise says:

    I love you Mark and always support you
    I love you so much
    Love you

  31. jenydel says:

    no matter how hard the life is,just be strong and dont think of what other people say about you,just be who you are just keep faith in
    god..no matter what happen im still your fan
    Godbless and more power..!

    from:jenydel of PHILIPPINES

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