Westlife’s Mark Feehily Prefers Angelina Jolie Over Brad Pitt

Openly gay singer Mark Feehily tells More magazine he would prefer to sleep with Angelina Jolie over her lover Brad Pitt. “I have dated girls in the past and enjoyed it. I fancied girls – I still fancy girls,” he said. “I really fancy Angelina Jolie but I just don’t want to do anything about it any more. Brad Pitt is very good looking but he’s not my type. Generally I prefer everyday blokes.”

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3 thoughts on “Westlife’s Mark Feehily Prefers Angelina Jolie Over Brad Pitt

  1. roliza buenaflor says:

    hello my crush Mark Feehily…..

    you know Mark I love your voice,
    your face, and all.
    I love you….
    even if your a gay I don’t care,
    I’m still number one fan of yours…….
    . I hope I’ll see you in person because you are so handsome…
    I’m in love with you….
    your the best
    and still the best forever….
    I hope we can chat at the YM and cam to cam…
    Wow,.. please forgive me..
    take care always…
    I love you even if your gay…

    I’m still your number one fan

  2. ivan says:

    hey Mark!
    what’s up bro
    if you don’t mind
    even if your a gay
    or not it doesn’t
    matter for me I’ll
    be still your friend
    fan or what ever you

    I appreciate you the way
    you sing your voice was so
    awesome…bro hope I could sing
    with you, your performance was
    excellent I love the way you move
    the way you sing I love it.

    love and blessing AIVAN! :)

    hope you read this message

  3. ajungmin says:

    I’m very sad

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