What About Fans Of Britney Spears AND Christina Aguilera?

Contributed by B0rntoplay:

In the last week, I have read several submissions from Britney and Christina fans regarding their supposed on-going feud. Its always Britney fans vs Christina fans, but what about people who like them both?

I’ll state right now that I am a bigger Britney fan…however, I still love Christina. I have all their CDs and have seen them both live, I just prefer one over the other, as I am sure everyone does. But even though I do like Britney more than Christina, I don’t see why that gives me the right to attack Christina and her fans.

I understand that we all have the right to critique artists, especially big ones like Britney and Christina. But there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way. There are some people on these boards that really ruin it for everyone. They are obviously very immature, and although they can be easily ignored, it seems that their negativity spreads. And no, its not just Britney fans. And no, its just not Christina fans. Both of them have their good and bad fans, it just so happens that their bad fans seem to be the most prominent on these boards.

It just seems to be that there is no room for people who happen to like both of them. I have the apparently rare gift of maturity, and have realized that its okay to like both of them. Hey, if they can get along, why can’t we?

I’m sick of hearing arguments over who is more slutty. The whole Britney being “classy” slutty is really stupid. Although some of the stuff might have been more “artistic,” it is nonetheless revealing. Lets just face it…they are both very open to nudity when it comes to pictures. Everywhere Britney picture I see right now, she is practically nude. And when
“Stripped” came out, the same thing went for Christina. Its all an attempt to create a stir and create some headlines for the release of their albums. How you could really argue that one is worse than the other is beyond me. Unless you are blind, I don’t see how you could even believe your own argument.

Then the whole talent thing. Lets face it…Christina is a far better singer. The girl has some pipes, and she is amazing. I have never questioned her ability to sing, and don’t see why anyone else would or could. Britney may not be as vocally talented as Christina, but she is not the terrible singer everyone makes her out to be. She has a record deal, do you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. She has to at least have some vocal abilities, otherwise she never would have been signed. There are so many attractive women out there, so saying Britney was signed solely on her looks is dumb. But just like Christina can out-sing Britney, Britney can out-perform Christina. There is no way around it, Britney is a natural performer. No one can capture me the way she does, and that’s what makes her so amazing. I can be busy doing something else, but the second she comes on TV, I stop whatever I’m doing. Love her, or hate her, but she can do that to you. They each have their obvious strengths, and I love them both for their separate strengths.

Then the whole longevity thing. Alright…lets looks at Madonna. does not have the greatest voice, and she is still around. Whitney Houston has an amazing voice, and her last album tanked. So saying that Britney won’t last because she can’t sing is obviously not a valid claim. Britney has already sold over 50 million albums worldwide…so sorry to disappoint you Britney-haters, but she will never be considered a failure and will never be forgotten. Even “Britney,” the album that some say was a flop, has sold more than “Stripped” and “Justified.” Yet, no one is saying anything about them not lasting. And Saying Christina won’t last is very off as well. Anyone notice that “Stripped” has gone 3 times platinum? Anyone notice that Christina sold 8 million copies of her first album? Not even or Madonna sold that much with their first albums. Christina-haters love to say that all Christina has to offer is nudity, but we all know the truth. She can sing, she can perform, and inspire…someone like that will never ever go away. Point is, both these girls will never be seen as Cyndi Lauper or Tiffany. Look at popdirt….almost half the stories are about them. Doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere to me. They are here for the long run, and have already proved so much.

Last thing I was to say is that as long as people continue to feud over Britney and Christina, their music, the most important thing, will continue to be ignored. So often the focus of the arguments are over pictures or stories about their personal lives, and not the thing we should focus on, their music. They both are obviously going in very different directions as artists, which we should embrace as it gives us originality and variety. If we keeping ignoring their music, they will never get the credit that they deserve as artists. I am happy to say that I am able to enjoy the music of both these amazing artists. I don’t see why people feel they have to choose between them, but I guess in the end, it is their loss.

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10 thoughts on “What About Fans Of Britney Spears AND Christina Aguilera?

  1. tricky2_sg says:

    WHOOT! I agree with you all the way! I love the both of them and I’ve seen both of them live in concert! I’m not a hater like everyone else on this web-site! They are both amazing and I will love them just the same as the other one!! ~Sarena

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    This is a bit off-topic, but I just heard MATM through a leaked MP3, and I just want to say that Britney did it again. The song is awesome and far better than the original we heard before. The beat is way better and extremely catchy…way to go Britney.

  3. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    I love both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. And I’ve only seen Christina in concert, so right now I have to say I prefer her over Britney because I love her voice and the songs on stripped are so easy to relate to.

  4. hellahooked says:

    wow that was so long.. I won’t deny it, Christina can sing but I think Britney is a better singer than her.. I also think Britney is prettier and is a way better performer than she will ever be. That’s just me though.. I’m not right or wrong. I agree with what you said though.. yeah

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree 100%. Like I said, I might not like the way they expose their sexuality a little way too much and overusing their “sex goddess” persona constantly, but I believe that they are both unique. Sure, Britney doesn’t have a great voice, and in my opinion not really the best dancer in the world, but she’s pretty good when she’s really into it. She’s an entertainer. Christina is a singer. I believe they both do what they do best, that’s it. When it comes to their longevity, I am sure the power of their vocals won’t matter nowadays, times have changed, its more about confidence than great vocal power. I am not gonna be the one to say that Britney and Christina aren’t gonna be here 20 years from now and yada yada, only fate, time, and the love from the fans are the one to tell that.

  6. crunkchig says:

    I agree with you. I have BOTH of these girls albums. I have attended concerts for BOTH of them in the past. I don’t particularly like Christina as a person, but she’s very talented. I like Britney better overall, but at least I have room to talk. I have something to base my opinion on. if I had never been to a Christina concert, I’d have to right to say “Britney concerts are better”. and if I had never listened to her album, I couldn’t say “Britney’s album blows her’s away.” but I have. that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out and announce I like Britney better, bashing Christina along the way. grow up people.

  7. ballersfantasy says:

    I only got through the first 3 paragraphs but I know where this essay is leading to. I don’t have a favorite out of the two, I love them both. I think when it comes to singing Christina blows Brit out of the water, no competition. I love Brit though because she’s a great performer (dancing, which I love) Personally I think they are both beautiful talented girls who I love for different reasons.

  8. muzik_luver says:

    I love them both too! I have seen them both live, Britney once and Christina twice (because she was with JT) But I have loved Brit longer and will always love her more than Christina. And I will always stick up for both of them EXCEPT when someone makes comments about Britney whenever she does something/wears something and NOT Christina. I personally think Britney is classier but I still love Christina!

  9. myke says:

    I am the same way I like Britney more but I like both still. but with there new songs out I will have to say Britney is better to me. on the charts they are close though Britney it at 11 going under the top 100 and Christina is at 19 going under the top 100 . I just hope Christina new album a more new songs on it and I hope both of them the best of luck win it comes to sale’s in this world today you can get any song in less then 2 minutes Google the download . that make it hard for people to sale like they did back in the 90’s well see how it plays out

  10. Jasmin says:

    I’m also a fan of both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and I totally hear when you say that you get different things form both artists. Yea like I enjoy Christina for her amazing powerful voice and I enjoy Britney for her great ability to perform and put on a great visual show with her amazing sexy look and great dancing and catchy songs I still think Britney’s a good singer as well though. I also agree that Britney is a better stage performer then Christina is. I hardly ever watch Christina perform live on YouTube but nearly everyday I watch Britney perform live on YouTube she captives me. And yea both ladies do take their clothes off a lot but I couldn’t really care less about that. And your right you shouldn’t’ have to choose one over the other I remember one of my friends on YouTube said to me they were surprised I was both a Britney fan and and a Christina fan they said most Britney fans hate Christina I mean how silly is that there is no reason to hate any of them if you don’t like one of them or both of them you still shouldn’t’ hate their guts anyway great article.

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