What Are You Fans Thinking?

Ok, I come to this site a lot just to have news about the pop scene. But all I get every-time I come to this site is a big fight between and Britney Spears fans. Sadly they are the most pathetic things I have ever seen. First off, I am a huge fan of both, they both have talent well beyond ANY of you here reading this, and if you want to challenge that, go sell that many albums and then we will discuss it, and they both are going two COMPLETELY different directions with their career. Both are going up at the moment.

Now the fact that all of you are sooooo one sided and can’t even take the few seconds to look at this all objectively from both sides makes me want to go crazy and Postal on everyone. I get so angry from both sides in here. What are you all trying to prove? We all know who is who and what they can and can’t do and who has sold more of what and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Start comparing other people and you will figure out that BOTH Britney and Christina are above and beyond most other artists out there.

I wish you would all just read these and not fight. The last post on this site was comparing record sales, yet the people in here turned it into who is better than the other ONCE AGAIN. I dislike that this site sometimes has no one to stop you guys and you all just scream stuff out like the other people are not human.

Do you realize that both Christina and Britney could be watching this right now laughing because to them it means nothing, they have their fan base that will last them forever no matter what, they both will not fade out for a VERY long time, and you all waste your time, and mine, by arguing over this crap. I hope you realize that there are better things to do, I love coming to these sites and catching up on news, but not on this crap that you guys have been doing.

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